Tanning Beds

Radiance 3100

The Radiance 3100 is the perfect economical choice for beauty salons and spas. It features a large, comfortable tanning surface and the look, power and feel of a true light commercial unit. Maximum session time is 20 minutes and also features “Smart Design Technology”.

Radiance V4200

High Performance Tanning Power – Efficient Use of Space – Economical Price – Low Operating Cost

Utilizing the power of (42), 75-inch, full body, high performance tanning lamps, the Radiance V4200 delivers maximum tanning performance in a fast, 10 or 12-minute tanning session

The Radiance V4200’s unique curved-wall design creates a customer friendly, wide-body interior while utilizing just a small area of space. Perfect for tanning salons, health clubs, beauty salons and spas.

The V4200 is available in three high-gloss exterior finishes: Pearl White, Bronze, Red.

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